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Cultivating and developing students in a holistic manner.


Ensuring students are given a grounded understanding within different sciences.


Equipping students with the confidence to excel in whatever they choose.

Sabeel Development Programme

Our flagship project that runs over 3 years. The programme consists of Weekend Retreats, Intensive Seminars, 1-to-1 Qur’an classes and Online classes. The programme develops and builds leaders who have a strong foundation in core Islamic Sciences and pays particular attention throughout the 3 years to a students holistic development in various fields including but not limited to spiritual worship, behaviour, manners, communication skills and management skills.

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Online Courses

Check out one of our many online courses that cover a variety of practical topics ranging from Productivity to how to increase your khushoo (focus) in Salah. All of our online courses include the following:

  • Lifetime access to recordings
  • Electronic course notes
  • PowerPoint presentations

All of this is easily accessible through your very own student portal where all your courses are kept secure.

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Living Productive Lives

Start making positive change through learning the key principles of living more productively. A short yet transformational course on how to cut through the bad habits and begin to know yourself, set visions and make the most of your time left on earth.


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