Within the Limits

The Science of Bid'a

Weekend Retreats Are Back!

Within the Limits 

The Science of Bid'a

This will be delivered as a Residential Weekend Retreat.

This is the FINAL retreat as part of our Sabeel Development Programme for sisters which consists of 9 retreats.

22nd-24th October 2021

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Within the Limits - The Science of Bid'a

This retreat is presented with the premise that the existence of differences seems to be an unavoidable phenomenon but at the same time highlights that Islam provides guidelines to deal with conflicting views and demonstrates how a proper understanding of bid’ah actually facilitates unity between Muslim groups who differ on minor issues.

Come and learn why the Shari’ah condemns bid’ah and be able to identify an illegitimate innovation from an accepted act of worship.

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What you'll receive when you register:

Live and Interactive Discussions so that you can pick the brains of our instructors on their specialised expertise.

Course Notes; a physical set of course notes that you can refer back to at any time in the future.

Group Activities related and unrelated to the topic being studied; so a bit of learning through practical means and sometimes working as a team on set tasks and activities to bring out the competitive side in you!

An Unbeatable and Unforgettable weekend experience with sisters and memories that you'll remember and cherish for years to come insha'Allah all whilst in the remembrance of Allah (SWT)!

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What will we cover?

Definitions & Related Terms

The nature of this worldly life

Dealing with permitted differences

Dealing with illegitimate differences

Irregular Opinions

Unity of the Ummah and its importance

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Dates and Timings

This course will be delivered over 2.5 days and is a residential weekend retreat. Please see the dates and timings below:

Friday 22nd October-Sunday 24th October 2021

Weekend Retreats normally start at 7:30pm on a Friday evening and finish by 5pm on a Sunday afternoon. The administration team will confirm the exact timings once you have registered but they won't be too different to the timings mentioned.

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What are our students saying...

"The retreat was an amazing experience!! I enjoyed my experience here and I honestly cannot wait for the next one!"

"Alhamdulillah, sisterhood, amazing knowledge, great activities and much more! Loved and enjoyed every bit of this retreat alhamdulillah! So, so grateful to be in this programme!"

"Sisterhood was amazing, the teachers were excellent, the staff were brilliant, cannot fault this experience and advise all sisters to try it out!"

"What makes me return to the retreats is the content, it's very relevant and deep. It's something that needs to be learnt by all practising muslims. But not only the content but also the sisterhood - sisters from all around the UK and the world get together to learn for the sake of Allah - can't get more beautiful than that"

"I have to say I found it more useful than I could have imagined. The fact it was online meant I could slot it into my other commitments without needing to be away from them. It provided Iman boosting snippets that lasted the entire week."

"It was a very pleasant experience. My team and all the other sisters were very welcoming and inclusive. The Sabeel experience has boosted my Eemaan, my confidence, taught me so many skills along the way, presenting, speaking, critical thinking, creative skills, cooking and allowed me to set aside time for my own personal growth on my deen. I have made long term friends with all my team members Alhamdulillah"

Sabeel Memories...

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  • Interactive discussions
  • Comprehensive Course Notes
  • Accommodation
  • All meals included (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Great sisterhood
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