Usul al Fahm

The Methodology of Arriving at the Correct Viewpoint

Usul al Fahm - Sisters course

The Methodology of Arriving at the Correct Viewpoint

This is the 6th retreat as part of our Sabeel Development Programme for sisters.

This will be delivered as a LIVE course over 4 weeks:


6th November (8:30pm-10pm), 7th November (9am-1:30pm).

13th November (8:30pm-10pm), 14th November (9am-1:30pm).

20th November (8:30pm-10pm), 21st November (9am-1:30pm).

27th November (8:30pm-10pm) and 28th November (9am-2:00pm).

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Usul al Fahm - The Methodology of Arriving at the Correct Viewpoint


Learn about the overarching principles governing attitude towards scripture and deriving rulings. These include delving into the integrity of one’s faith and reverence towards the authority of scripture. What are the procedures of enquiry and investigation when faced with numerous texts? How do we deal with inconclusive texts? What is the role of reason and logic? How to resolve apparent contradictions? Can there be real contradictions? Does Islam provide guidance to everything? How free are we to judge and rule in our worldly affairs without referring to Islamic Law? Know the answers to these and other questions during a weekend of structured and interactive learning. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to know the sources of information in Islam and more importantly the principles of it’s uses in our everyday life.

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Course Recordings just in case you can’t make it to the live sessions.

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What will we cover?


How to gather all related evidence on an issue

Manifestations of textual rejection

Understanding seeming contradictions and textual reconciliation

Dealing with ambiguous texts

Glorification and veneration of scripture

The types of scriptural abrogation and how to have faith in all of the texts

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Dates and Timings

This course will be delivered over 4 weeks on a Friday evening and a Saturday morning/afternoon. Please see the dates and timings below:

Friday 6th November 8:30pm-10pm

Saturday 7th November 9am-1:30pm

Friday 13th November 8:30pm-10pm

Saturday 14th November 9am-1:30pm

Friday 20th November 8:30pm-10pm

Saturday 21st November 9am-1:30pm

Friday 27th November 8:30pm-10pm

Saturday 28th November 9am-2pm

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"Alhamdulillah, sisterhood, amazing knowledge, great activities and much more! Loved and enjoyed every bit of this retreat alhamdulillah! So, so grateful to be in this programme!"

"The retreat was an amazing experience!! I enjoyed my experience here and I honestly cannot wait for the next one!"

"Sisterhood was amazing, the teachers were excellent, the staff were brilliant, cannot fault this experience and advise all sisters to try it out!"